कोरोना काल मे मसीहा सोनू सूद ॥ Motivational story of legends in Hindi

Sonu Sood Motivation Story Of Real Legends

Motivational story of legends in Hindi  को बताने वाले है। Sonu Sood Success story in hindi अपको बहुत पसंद अयेगि।

Legends Story

Actor Sonu Sood has helped the needy people a lot in this era of corona virus. The actor has also arranged for people to go from home to employment and after that they stay. Apart from this, actors are constantly listening to the problems of people on Twitter and helping them in every possible way. The actor has won the hearts of people not only by helping people but also by replying on Twitter in his own special way.

Along with helping Sonu Sood, he also gives a superb reply on the tweet of the needy. Everyone is appreciating this help from Sonu Sood. In such a situation, there are many people who have come forward to help Sonu Sood. Recently, a user tweeted to help Sonu Sood in this campaign instead of asking for help from Sonu Sood. The user, impressed by the work of Sonu Sood, said that he would give his one month salary, which the actor also responded brilliantly.

No man is richer than you, brother.

Always be the same as you are.

Helping a family in the neighborhood, consider that your salary has reached me.

The user said about work of the acter do much , sonu sood . Sonu sood give you one month salry so help more than more people. Thanks Sonu Sood Bhai. ' After this, the actor gave a brilliant reply to this user and said - 'Nobody is a rich man than you brother. Always be the same as you are. Helping a family in the neighborhood, consider that your salary has reached me.

Explain that during the Corona virus lockdown, Sonu Sood worked to deliver the first migrant laborers to their homes. After this, he created a mobile application of his own and through this he is providing employment to the people. Not only this, the actor has arranged for people to live after giving employment. Apart from this, the actor has recently given smartphones to children, and has treated many people. Earlier, tractors were made available to the farmer daughter.

सोनू सुद ने कोरोना काल मे घर पोहचने मे जिस लोको कि मदद कि थि एस मे से एक परिवार मे से लदका हुवा था उस का नाम सोनू  रख दिया उस परिवार ने वो लोग अहि सोच ते है कि मेरा बेटा बदा होके सोनू सूद कि तरह सभि लोगो कि मदद करे इस सोच से वो लोग ने सोनू सूद नेम रख दिया  

Story of Legends

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Story of struggle and success in hindi अप को पसंदअयि होगि Legends Inspirational story in hindi अपको कोइ सुधार करने योगियाता लग्ता है तो हमे कोम्मेंत करके बाताये और अपको Legends Motivational stories in hindi   लिखने खा पसंद हो तो हमे Motivational kahani in hindi या Inspirational Stories of great indian personalities in hindi एमैल कर सक्ते हो |

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