Inspirational Short Stories || inspirational short stories of freedom fighters

          Inspirational Short Stories of Freedom Fighters
Inspirational Short Stories को बताने वाले है। inspirational short stories in english अपको बहुत पसंद अयेगि।


In the 400 meter race, Kenya's runner Abel Muttai was ahead of Sahu. He stopped at a distance of four or five feet from the finish line. Spanish runner Evan Fernandez, who was running behind him, saw this and thought the cake was anti-social. He later shouted and told Muttiah to keep running.

But, Muttai did not fall in the Spanish language society. This whole game was just a matter of seconds. Spanish runner Evan A came from behind and hit the stuck Muttai hard and Muttai crossed the finish line .

Very small, but very important occasion.
This was the race . the race to become the winner after completing the final stage . Evan Dharat can become the winner himself . Ivan can become the winner by coming to the finish line and ignoring the stuck Muttai. Winner Muttai got the medal and evan got silver.

Report asked evan , why did do yoy that?You guessed it, you can't win. You let go of the gold medal today.

Evan answered beautifully. My dream is to build a society where one person pushes another, but not to move forward.
But I push to bring others forward, to help, to bring out their power , a society where one helps the other and both become winners.
Reporter asked again, why did you let that canyon muttai win? You can't win ."In response Evan said, "I didn't let him win

He was just winning .The race was .
And yet if I had ignored it and crossed the finish line, my victory would have been a victory from someone else.

How can I be proud of this victory?  How can I show this winning medal to my mother?
What should I answer my conscience?

Sacrament and morality are inherited gifts .There is a legacy from one generation to another .
This is what happens and this is not what happens . this is the virtue and sin ... this is the religion
We will decide what tomorrow's society will be like .There is no injection or tablet of ethics and sacrament

Winning is important. But winning at any cost is a mental disability. Stealing someone's credit. To name one's success. Pushing the other, trying to get ahead of myself. All of this may give the impression of winning for a few moments but not of happiness. Because the inner mind and the inner soul know the truth.

Let us advance this beauty, purity, ideal, humanity and morality.Let's sow the seeds of honesty and integrity in the next generation.

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